Mixed Quarter Beef, DEPOSIT:

Mixed Quarter Beef, DEPOSIT:

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All of our beef is 100% grass fed and certified organic. Our mixed quarters of beef are mixed front and back quarters so you get a bit of everything. The price is based on the Hanging Carcass Weight (HCW), per pound. You can have it custom cut per your instructions or use our standard cut.

$6.30/lb HCW

Important - A quarter beef will weigh approximately 125-150 lbs HCW (approx $860). We can't know exactly what the quarter beef will weigh until it is at the butcher. Then we can let you know exactly what the cost to you is.

The price that will go in your shopping cart is the price for the deposit on a quarter beef. The remainder will be due upon receipt of the quarter beef.

Standard Cutting Instructions:

  • Roasts – 4 lb Bone in unless specified otherwise
  • Prime Rib – Roast
  • T-Bone – 3/4 inch thick
  • Sirloin – 3/4 inch thick
  • Round - 3/4 inch thick – cut in half
  • Hamburger – 75% - 1 lb packages
  • Stew Beef – 25% - 1 lb packages
  • Soup Bones – in the Ground
  • Short Rib Roast – into Hamburger
  • (remember to specify if want Kidneys or suet)