photo of 3 pastured pigs in mud

Side (half) of pork, DEPOSIT:

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You can have your side of pork custom cut or use our standard pork cutting instructions.

$5.30/lb HCW.

Important - A half pig will weigh approximately 90-100 lbs HCW (approx $503 plus costs for curing and sausage making, depending on what you chose). We can't know exactly what the half pig will weigh until it is at the butcher. Then we can let you know exactly what the cost to you is.

The price that will go in your shopping cart is the price for the deposit on a half pig. The remainder will be due upon receipt of the half pig.

Standard Pork Cutting Instructions:

Pork Chops – 5/8 inch thick – Bulk Pack
Shoulder – Roast Bone In
Side Pork – Cured for Bacon
(sliced and bulk packed in box)
Ribs – cut for Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs
Pork Hocks – into sausage
Sausage – 1” Plain (1 lb bags)
Hams – Cured (4 lb roasts)

If you prefer different cutting instructions please send them when placing your order.
NOTE: Cutting instructions are only required for half or whole pork orders.