Organically Raised, Pastured Chicken, DEPOSIT:

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We get our chicks as day-olds and raise them up to 5-8 lbs. As soon as they are old enough, they live outside in our shaded pasture pens. They have constant access to our certified organic feed, and fresh water; as well as the ability to eat all the grasses and insects that they'd like. The pasture pens are moved at least once a day and sometimes twice a day.

$5.15/lb Whole

$5.95/lb Halved

Important - A chicken weighs approximately 5-8 lbs (approx $36 whole). We can't know exactly what the chicken will weigh until it is at the butcher. Then we can let you know exactly what the cost to you is.

The price that will go in your shopping cart is the price for the deposit on a chicken. The remainder will be due upon receipt of the chicken.