Certified Organic, HALF lamb DEPOSIT:

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As we are currently taking a break from having sheep on the farm (we need a dormant period to break the parasite cycle), these lambs are certified organic, pasture raised lambs from a good friend and local farmer - Chris and Gabbi Boettcher.

$8.65/lb HCW.

Important - A half lamb will weigh approximately 25 lbs HCW (approx $216). We can't know exactly what the half lamb will weigh until it is at the butcher. Then we can let you know exactly what the cost to you is.

The price that will go in your shopping cart is the price for the deposit on a half lamb. The remainder will be due upon receipt of the half lamb.

Sold by the Hanging Carcass Weight (HCW). You can get your half lamb custom cut or use our standard cutting instructions:

  • Leg whole – Bone In
    Loin – Chops – Bulk Packed
    Shoulder – Roast – Bone In
    ½ Ground Lamb (1 lb bags)
    ½ Stew – Boned (1 lb pkgs)
    Ribs – cut for Sweet and Sour strips
    Liver – sliced