We raise our livestock completely on certified organic feeds and pasture to produce top quality meat for your family. Fed only the best quality feed, free of genetically modified organisms, you can serve our tasty meat with confidence and pride to your family and guests.

Our livestock have access to fresh air and regular exercise, promoting healthy and happy animals, well muscled with lean body composition. We offer beef, pork, and lamb in small or large quantities to suit your family’s need. For over 25 years we have been taking orders in the spring along with a small deposit and delivering quality meat in the late summer and fall. Because of limited production we ask you to order your meat in the spring so we can be sure to raise enough.

We do overwinter some steers so that we can provide beef in May. We offer standard cutting of the beef, pork and lamb or we can have them custom cut & wrapped to your specification. The quarter, halves and whole quantities are sold on a hanging carcass weight basis.

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