Ducks - locally raised by our Amish neighbour's children

We know what it's like to start out as budding farmers and how cruel it can be to sell animals that you've lovingly raised at the livestock auction.

Our Amish neighbour gave his 4 oldest children some ducks at Christmas which then hatched out their eggs and they were able to raise about 20 Muscovy meat ducks.

When they went to sell them at the livestock auction they couldn't get enough to cover the feed that they'd put into them, so we offered to see if any of our meat customers would be interested. We've sold out of them.

However, we expect that they'll have some more ready for market 2018 fall, so if you're interested, let us know!

They are not raised organically - but do eat grains grown on their farm and are free run out on pasture all summer long.

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